Go-Wine Tasting Apps Overview


Whether you are looking for a local winey, planning a vacation to a wine region in a given state, or just creating a personal route for a wine tour, you can find your favorite wineries using our Go-WineTasting App. So, sit back and let our Wine Tasting App do everything for you. In addition to finding driving directions to your favorite wineries, our Go-WineTasting App allows you to search for Groupon and Yipit coupons for a given winery in our database. The App also includes professional wine pairing and party planning tools to make you an instant professional sommelier. Finally, we have integrated 100’s of premium recipes that are perfectly paired with over 50 wine varietals. So, get started using our Go-WineTasting today. You will be glad you did!

Go-Wine Tasting Apps Features:


Are you looking for directions to wineries in your Vicinity, for a given Destination (San Diego) or a personal driving Route? Our Go-WineTasting Apps have Google Maps built-in to provide the necessary driving directions. It also provides a complete listing of the wineries within your vicinity, destination or route.



Find coupons from your favorite wineries! Our Go-WineTasting App integrates both Groupon and YIPIT to find valuable, discount coupons for your targeted winery. Just download the Go-WineTasting App and search for your favorite winery in our database. Once located, the App will search either Groupon or YIPIT for available coupons. This will provide you with immediate discounts while you are on your way to your targeted winery. This is an invaluable tool for users.


Do you need a recipe for an upcoming wine tasting party, dinner, or event? Our Go-WineTasting Apps provide 100s of premium recipes that are perfectly paired with over 50 wine varietals. Whether it is an appetizer, soup, salad, entrée or dessert, we offer a broad spectrum of recipes to fit your needs. This includes recipes in the following categories:
Red Wine Recipes
• Rose Wine Recipes
• Sake Recipes
• Sweet Wine Recipes
• Sparkling Wine Recipes
• White Wine Recipes

Wine Tools (2nd Release):

Our App also provides valuable tools for your wine needs.

MySommelier – Food and Wine Pairing Tool:

Developed by a professional Sommelier, our wine pairing tool supports over 6M food and wine pairing combinations. Just try it out and you will find it an invaluable tool.

Party Planner Tool:

Do you want to determine how many bottles of wine (beer and liquor) you need for an upcoming party, wedding or event? Use our built in Party Planning Tool. Just put in the number of guests and the lengthen of the party (in hours) and the alcohol mix. The Party Planning tool will automatically determine the number or bottles of wine, beer and liquor you will need. It also includes a champagne toast.

Wine Varietals Tool:

Are you new to wine tasting? Try out Wine Varietals tool. Here, you can get a quick overview of a broad spectrum of Red, Rose, Sparkling, Sweet and White wine varietals. So, whether you are a novice or have a limited understanding of various wine varietals, Go-WineTasting Apps, Wine Varietals Tool can instantly increase you knowledge base.